Who We Are

Holding ourselves to the highest standards of innovation

At Infinitus Medical Technologies we’re proud to hold ourselves to the highest standards of innovation, leading the industry forward through the development of cutting-edge technologies and continuing caregiver education. We are always happy to help, and despite our extensive experience in anesthesia and surgical care, we are never too busy to learn something new from our clients and collaborative partners. Ultimately, we continue to evolve because of your selfless dedication to patient care.

Our History

Company Timeline

Company Launch


Infinitus Medical Technologies founded




First product to standards arm adduction processes


Hadron FPLS


First patented combined patient handling and positioning system


Genesis Bi-Wing AAP


Revolutionary arm adduction combined patient handling and positioning system


Kyber SSC


Industry first and only universal curved fixed retractor post




Surgical table conversion ensuring safety for obese patients


Hadron HDP


Introduction of the Hadron accommodating hip distraction


VisiWrap Robot


Patient face and eye protection during surgery, developed in partnership with April Surgical®


Generation 3 Products

(Coming 2024)

Introduction of Genesis Bi-Wing AAP, Generation 3 for all Hadron, Genesis, and XL options.

(Coming 2024)

Our Team

Company Leadership

David Gomez CRNA, MSNA

CEO / CTO of Infinitus Medical Technologies

As a US Navy Veteran who has spent 23 years in the healthcare sector, I am fervently dedicated to initiating change in this industry. My rewarding journey of two decades as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) has enriched me with the expertise and motivation to develop products that advance safety measures for patients and surgical caregivers alike. At IMT, we are devoted to designing products, services, and technologies that promote highly reliable process improvements and set a standard for trustworthy and optimized care. The success of your mission is our topmost priority.

Edward Chen

Vice President

Ed Chen has been immersed in the medical device industry since 2006, specializing in operations and supply chain. His diverse operational experience spans oil and gas services, medical devices, and military operations. While driving growth at iMT, Ed also serves as an officer in the US Army Reserves, showcasing his commitment to both professional excellence and national duty. His unique blend of civilian and military expertise positions him as a versatile leader in the medical device field.

Marty Sauls

Preferred Product Specialist

Marty started his career in the medical field back in 1995 selling surgical lighting and surgical tables. Lately, he’s become extremely focused on improving patient and staff safety in the operating rooms with positioning patients for procedures requiring steep Trendelenburg and traction. Marty works hard to educate healthcare providers on new, safer, efficient methods that are design better protect both them and their patients.

Luke Truax

Industrial Designer

Luke is a results-driven industrial designer with over 20 years of hands-on design and engineering experience, boasting a comprehensive background in both design and manufacturing. Having worked with prestigious Fortune 500 companies such as NVIDIA, Google, Stryker, and many more, Luke’s expertise spans the entire product development lifecycle, from identifying user needs to seamlessly incorporating design for manufacturing during sketching, rapid modeling, and product prototyping.

Nathan Winder

Chief of Engineering and Regulatory Affairs

Nathan has been a leader in the medical device industry since 2005, specializing in the entire new product development process from product conceptualization all the way through manufacturing stabilization for dozens of successful product launches. His breadth of experience spans R&D through Manufacturing Operations in a number of industries, including Class I-III medical devices, heavy duty electric vehicle batteries and oceanic visualization applications. Nathan has created streamlined product development processes that allow iMT to quickly innovate new products in difficult and typically slow-moving medical device regulatory environments. 

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