Trendelenburg Positioning Solutions That Evolve Standards of Safe Care!

Infinitus Medical Technologies (iMT®) uses a clinical approach to creating effective solutions for surgical care environments and beyond.

Our products are designed to facilitate highly reliable processes. Each serve to improve efficiency and performance, while standardizing care and safety for both patients and their care providers.

  • Doctor and patient
    Evolving Surgical Safety for Patients!

    • Highly Reliable and Consistent Surgical Positioning Processes Lead to Greater Efficacy!

    • The Only Surgical Positioning Platforms That Put the Patient’s Airway Safety First!

    • Reduced Set up Time, Reduced Surgical Positioning and Block Times You Can Track in the EHR, and Less Time Under Anesthesia!

    • In a Major US Robotic Epicenter, They Found a 20-25 Minute Improvement in Robotic Dock Time per Procedure With Our Genesis System During Lithotomy Required Surgeries!
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    Safer for Surgical Staff!

    • Reliable & Repeatable Process for Most Sized Patients!

    • Built in Handles to Move Patient and Pad Together, Lift and Slide (No Lifting with a Drawsheet)!

    • Next Generation Options are Compatible with Mechnical Lifts & Come in Larger Sizes up to 27" Wide!

    • Easy & Adjustable Arm Adduction Provides Unsurpassed Support, Protection, and Anesthesia Access!
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    Safer Anesthesia Processes!

    • Always Place Both Patient & Pad Proximal to Anesthesia for Safer Airway Management!

    • Standardized Arm Adduction and Access for Safe Monitoring of IV's, Pulse Oximetry, and BP (invasive & non invasive). A Benefit for Goal Directed Fluid Therapy and ERAS Protocols!

    • Bi-Wings Customize Arm Adduction, Tension, and Support Over Traditional Circumferential Weight Based Arm Adduction, Reducing Risks of Compartment Syndromes!

    • 100% Pad to Skin Contact and Proper Alignment of the Head & Neck with Our Genesis and Azul Combo!

Trendelenburg Positoning and Beyond Redefined
See How Our Surgical Positioning Platforms are Redefining Surgical Safety for Both Patients and Their Caregivers! It's All About Processes and Interconnectivity!

As a clinically founded company iMT® understands your daily challenges. We've designed our products to greatly reduce and even eliminate certain patient handling and postioning processes this industry assumes are normal. Our goal is to introduce highly reliable processes to long standing clinical challenges to benefit the safety of both patients and their surgical providers.

Let's Evolve patient & surgical staff safety together!

Please contact us today to find our how we can help evolve your standard of care!!