About infinitus Medical Technologies, LLC

infinitus Medical Technologies, LLC


infinitus Medical Technologies (iMT) is an early stage designer of innovative medical devices. We use a clinical approach to solving problems for operating rooms and critical care specialty areas. Our products are designed to increase efficiency and safety for both patients and care providers. iMT believes this approach propagates more favorable clinical objectives and minimizes those personal and financial liabilities relating to injuries.

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Value Proposition of iMT

Value Proposition

Lower Costs, Safer Operating Rooms!


Product design and creation is based on iMT’s three founding principles (as represented by the “electrons” in our logo).

We believe the healthcare market demands a value driven approach to healthcare expansion and that vertically integrated process improvements will require a holistic approach to healthcare distribution and reform.

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the iON ESPS


In the US nerve injuries account for 15% of post-operative litigation.

iMT has created the first clinically exceptional surgical positioning device for use when a surgeon or surgery necessitates the adducted (arms at sides) position.

The ION ESPS will allow a single nurse to safely deploy, adjusting specifically to the patient’s individual body type.

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