Ask Us How We Can Improve Your Robotic Program's ROI


Most institutions limit the purchasing of smart products due to upfront cost while they bleed money through preventable liabilities such as injuries to patients and/or staff.  Quite simply, they save pennies over dollars simply because they are fixated on cost over benefit.

As a provider or purchaser, your first question should never be “How much does it cost?” it should always be “How does this save us money and/or improve care?” 

About infinitus Medical Technologies, LLC

Evolving the Standard of Care


infinitus Medical Technologies (iMT)  uses a clinical approach to solving problems for operating rooms and critical care specialty areas.  Our products are designed to increase efficiency and safety for both patients and care providers.  iMT believes this approach propagates more favorable clinical objectives and minimizes those personal and financial liabilities relating to injuries.

Value Proposition of iMT

Lower Costs and Safer Operating Rooms!


Product design and creation is based on iMT’s three founding principles (as represented by the “electrons” in our logo).

  1. Increased efficiency
  2. Increased safety for both patients and medical staff
  3. Decrease unintended healthcare costs related to injury in both patients and staff





iMT ‘s patented iON ESPS® arm adduction system adjusts individually the patient’s individual body type.  It’s low profile balances surgeon comfort with unsurpassed anesthesia access necessary for safe care.